Why Wandering With Yahweh?

There are many things that I love, many that I am passionate about. But there is one key to unlock my passions, the core which holds them all together. It is what inspires me, drives me, and fuels me. Curious to what it is? Better yet, who it is?


This blog is about my journey with Yahweh. I tell stories of the many places He has led me to, the things He has done, and the lessons He has taught. In my Poetry page, are hidden stories of my life before I knew God and after I was saved by Him.

Here you can walk along with me as I follow God through this crazy life. These stories are to be read with the sole intention of giving Yahweh praise and honor, and to encourage you in your own journey with Him. I am merely writer of this blog, Yahweh is the true author.