The Canyon’s Rim

The sky is the perfect shade of blue.

A color between day and night

Not too dark

Not too light.

A deep, vivid blue

That grows darker the more you tilt your head back.

Tiny glowing white spots start to appear, decorating the sky above you.

When the sky meets the earth

It shines like the color of a sapphire stone

Enclosed by gold bands like the sun setting behind the Rocky Mountains.

Beneath the mountains there is a broad canyon

As dark as the pits of hell.

Though you cannot see, you hear the

Rushing waters underneath.

I sit on the canyon’s rim

My feet reaching towards Hades.

I listen as the Carolina locusts

Sing their songs,

And inhale the dust filled air.

I smell the sweet breath of some local sagebrush.

My legs are chilled by the rock

I sit upon

The rest of me is warmed by the summer air.

Thinking back, I remember that December night

I sat in this very spot,

A runner passing me by stopped to see if I was alright.

I smiled and promised I was.

He hesitated for only a moment, then

Continued on.

It struck me how fluently

The lie escaped my lips.

Now it is June and now it is night.

There are no runners passing me by.

They are all asleep

Even the Rockies seem to be dosing.

I look up at the glowing decorations in the sky.

I smile and promise that I am alright.

A lie well lived

A promise well kept.

The pledge to keep on living

When happiness comes as often as rain

In this desert.

A constant fight between good and evil

Conquering my soul.

When the sunrise breaks

Behind the peaks of the mountains tops

Light begins creeping in

Hope starts telling me

It will be alright.

But light always fades.

Depression like the clouds of a storm suffocating the sky.

A controversial sickness

Here to stay

Holds me as its prisoner.

A life like this is not worth living at all.

Darkness is taking over. Is this what hell is like?

The sky is the perfect shade of blue.


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