A Crack in the Earth

There was a place I once knew.

Flat desert land ran on for miles.

It smelled of dust and sweet sagebrush.

The land simmered under your feet

When the air froze

The sun set south.

Great mountains dipped in sweet milk touched the sky

In the middle of the desert

The earth cracked

Winding like a snake.

Roaring water rushed between its walls.

The smell of delicious sagebrush

Is taken over by rotting eggs.

Beautiful, giant waterfalls poured down the canyon sides.

This place could not make up its mind.

There was a woman who dwelled there.

Her hair resembled the dust of the ground and her eyes the gray of the sky.

Her heart was harsh but if you listened closely

She would teach you the greatest love of all.

Her humor was dry like the land,

Laugh like the roaring river,

Intelligence as sharp as the mountains,

And wherever she may go the scent of sagebrush followed.

Like the land she could not make up her mind.

Then like the desert wind she was gone

Leaving our home behind.

With the land she leaves me.

I, like the place that I once knew

Am cracking.

My heart turning as dry as the desert,

My anger as fierce at the river,

And my words as sharp as the mountain tops.

If I tried to find that place again

I know that I could not.

As time went on the crack in the ground grew

Until it had consumed the land

Once surrounding it.

I fear that I will soon be consumed

Like the place I once I knew.

The place that I call home and the women I call momma.


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