Faces of Long Island: Priscilla

Priscilla was her name. Her left eye was halfway covered by a cloud of cataracts. She had traveled from a village far away to receive surgery from our medical ship. As each patient was prepared to head into their surgery I would pray that comfort and protection be with them. I had barely finished praying for one lady when Priscilla frantically motioned me over. She grabbed my hand and squeezed her eyes shut. Concerned I knelt down and searched her face for pain. But she was at peace. I soon realized that she was waiting for me to pray.

Priscilla was not being taken into surgery.

I sat with her until she was to head in for surgery. The nurse came out, did some tests, then took off Priscilla’s gown and moved onto the next person in line. Confused I went to search for someone who would tell me why Priscilla was not being taken into surgery. I found out that she had a fever and the doctor would not perform the surgery. Priscilla did not seem upset by the news, she only sat on the boat peacefully waiting to go back to shore.

She still praises God and tells of how faithful He is.

Later on I was able to sit in on a conversation with her and one of our translators. She told us about a missionary who had lived on the island for ten years translating the bible from English to their native tongue. The island was devastated when his work was done and him and his family sailed away a year prior to us coming. Since the day he had left, the people of the island had been praying for more missionaries to come and teach them more about God. Also for people to come and give medical help to their sick and dying children. For a year they persistently prayed for us to come, never doubting that God would answer their prayers. Priscilla told us about the island and how blessed they are. I sat there totally blown away. Here is a lady who traveled all day to have a surgery done on her eye and when she is told she will not receive it she still praises God and tells of how faithful he is. She is not resentful or disappointed for herself but instead she is grateful and excited for all the others on the island that will receive medical care and healing.

The short time I spent with Priscilla will for sure make a long term impact in my life. How often do I seek the Lord for something and if He has not answered in twenty-four hours I am questioning His goodness? How often do I reject His answers because they were not the response I was searching for? But this beautiful women showed me what it meant to truly trust in our Lord. To have pure, unfaltering faith.

Photos By: Luisa Becker


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