Faces of Long Island: Introduction 

There are certain situations you experience and people you happen upon that end up changing you forever…

Their impact is so strong it alters the way you view the world and life itself. I have spent the past two weeks with the most beautiful people and my life will never be the same.

Long Island, Papua New Guinea

There is something so different about Papua New Guineans than those in our western society. They are simple and joyful. They open their homes to strangers and give beyond what they have to give. In Papua New Guinea there are still islands that are completely tribal. Islands where they live off the land. Imagine no electricity, no roads, no produce section in a grocery store. You use the sun and the moon for light, your own bare feet for travel, and the earth for produce. Life is simple. The land is how it was created to be… Natural.

Their stories I will remember forever.

Recently, I went to Long Island in Papua New Guinea. This is one of those islands that is completely separate from the rest of the world. I went there on a missionary outreach with an organization named YWAM (Youth With a Mission). This organization has a medical ship, The Pacific Link, that goes to islands around PNG and gives free medical care to the local people. We sailed nine hours from the mainland of PNG to Long Island, where we spent two weeks. During those two weeks we sailed to several different points of the island to reach as many people as we could.

I fell in love with every person I came across while in Long Island. But there are a few that found a special place in my heart. Their faces I will remember forever and their stories I hold onto.


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