Day 21: We are Dutch, it Runs in Our Veins.

Our second day in Amsterdam was much like all the other days in Europe. We hopped on and off the bus, making sure we caught the big sites, and exploring all the rest in between. We went to a Vondel Park which was full of gardens and art sculptures. We walked around and then sat and read for a bit. Next we visited the city where you have to dodge the millions of bike riders. We went to the street markets which were full of all different kinds of things. We bought several souvenirs for our family (because we are Dutch you know). When we needed a break we would sit down and dangle our feet over the canal. Amsterdam is quiet lovely in the day time, except for the dozens of cannabis shops that is.

Plus we are Dutch, it makes up half of our blood, right?

Do not worry, we did visit the famous I Amsterdam sign and took pictures. After that we headed back to our hostel. We got our bags and then headed to the train station. On the way we stopped and got two Heinekens, because why not try your first Heineken while in the country that brews it. Plus we are Dutch, it makes up half of our blood, right? Wrong. I maybe drank a third of that bottle. It was horrible. I gave the rest to Becca and tried to focus on anything other than the vile taste in my mouth.

That evening we got on our train headed to Brussels.


We mostly window shopped in Amsterdam.
Rijksmuseum in the city square, Museumplein.


Amsterdam Centraal Station.



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