Day 19: Gone Exploring.

If you are wondering, we really did eat the Chinese food for breakfast and it tasted even better then the night before! After checking out we headed for hills. We rode a bus for about an hour up the hills of Vienna. Once up there we could see the whole city and the vineyards. We spent the day hiking and exploring. While we were there we met a man from Indonesia who has traveled all over and spent quite a lot of time in America. Becca and I were talking with each other and he comes over and says, “You are from the Midwest of America right.” (so close, we are from the northwest)! He said he had guessed based off our accents (very talented man).

Later on in our day we went to the city center and walked around in the stores (it’s like New York there). They have a Forever 21 that had four stories!! I was more exhausted from looking in the store then I was from hiking in the hills.

We soon realized that we were not cooling off. We tried fidgeting with the air conditioner but there was no success. We were in a sauna.

It came time for us to retrieve our bags and head to the train station. On our way we stopped for more fast food Chinese food. We got to the train station, found our train, and then returned inside so we could use the wifi to book our hostel. With ten minutes till we left I told Becca we needed to board the train. She argued that our train was literally ten steps away from us and she needed wifi to upload an Instagram photo (teenage girls, what are you going to do). I started to stress more as our time got shorter (I should have just left her behind) but with four minutes left her photo uploaded and we made our way to the train. Unfortunately the car that was ten steps away from us was first class. Second class was all the way at the other end of the train. We booked it. We hopped on the train and found our seats with a minute left. Hot and sweaty we ate our dinner and watched Austria pass us by. We soon realized that we were not cooling off. We tried fidgeting with the air conditioner but there was no success. We were in a sauna.

Other then the hot, stuffy train car we were grateful and relieved for finally having a smooth, relaxing train ride. But yet again, we were too hopeful.

When the train attendant came to clip our tickets he gave us the well known “you-two-must-be-stupid-Americans look.”

I hope you paid attention to Day 18 like I told you to. Remember those 20€ tickets? Yeah, not tickets, just seat reservations. When the train attendant came to clip our tickets he gave us the well known “you-two-must-be-stupid-Americans look” (I will admit this time we deserved it. 20€ train tickets for a 15 hour ride, Yeah right!). The attendant asked us how we could possible buy seat reservations but not a ticket. We had no answer for him. We were just as confused as he was. We explained that we had bought them the day before and we specifically asked the lady for tickets and then checked to make sure they were tickets after hearing the price. Now we must buy tickets on the train. Guess how much, 200€! We pleaded with the attendant telling him we were dumb Americans who have never traveled before and we could not afford to pay so much for the tickets. Tragedy has struck again! But do not worry, just like all the times before it worked out. Since we had “bought” our tickets at the station the attendant said he would give us half price for them. We could relax and enjoy our ride until we switched trains in Frankfurt, Germany.

My offer was too sweet to refuse.

Now the issue with the heat. At one of the train stops someone was suppose to come and fix it but that didn’t happen so the attendant apologize to us and offered us free water. Yeah, this was not going to slide. We were literally sweating just from sitting there. Finally the attendant came by again and said he got permission to move us into another car on the train. We were moved into a first class car with one long seat that you could lay down on. On the way to our new car we had passed a guy who had decided to stay in the sauna so he could have all the seats for himself. When we got to our new room and realized that we had 4 bunks to ourselves we decided to offer one of them to sauna boy. My offer was too sweet to refuse. Our new roommate was a 20 year old quirky male from England named Tom. He wore a horrible Hawaiian shirt but had amazing hair to make up for it. We didn’t get to sleep till early in the morning for we were enjoying comparing America and England way too

The things you will do for a good view.

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