Day 18: City of Music

We made it out of Italy and not a pocket had been picked. Now for Austria!

Shocked that such a long journey would be that inexpensive, we clarified with her. She said she was correct…

You must pay close attention to this next part. Are you ready? After arriving in Austria and finding out that a bus ride to Amsterdam would be 18 hours and very expensive. We headed to the train station to see if we could find a reasonably priced ticket that would get us there faster. As the lady at the ticket booth read us our options she said there was a train to Frankfurt, Germany and then we would switch onto another train headed to Amsterdam that would take 15 hours. This was their cheapest train. We asked the price and were blown away. It was close to 50€ for both of us. Not just one of us, both of us. Shocked that such a long journey would be that inexpensive, we clarified with her. She said she was correct, so of course we bought the tickets thinking that God was sending us a small (huge) blessing.

Excited and feeling relieved we dropped off our bags at our hostel and headed to the center of Vienna. There we were persuaded into buying tickets for a concert/opera/ballet. We were a little embarrassed when the man selling us our tickets told us “Happy Independence Day!” and it took both of us to realize that in the states everyone was celebrating the Fourth of July. We then spent the rest of the day walking around The Ring, which is a huge circle of important government buildings and monuments and also museums (Vienna is museum central, I’ve never seen so many museums in one place before). Once done we returned to our hostel to get ready for the concert. The concert was honoring Mozart (who grew up in Vienna for those of you who don’t know) so it was held in the same hall that Mozart performed in as a young boy. It wasn’t very big but the show was great. Sometimes it was just the orchestra playing, other times the orchestra would play for the ballet dancers, and for three songs a lady sang. I recognized 4 of the songs (I’m so proud of myself!) one of them being a song that we hear almost every year on the Fourth of July (which was neat because it was the Fourth of July, ya know).

I would we celebrated Independence Day quite well..

If any of you are wanting to visit Vienna this is the first thing you must know! Everything, except expensive restaurants and bars, closes at 10 o’clock or sometimes sooner. After the concert we had planned on running to the grocery store and buying some pasta to make in our hostel’s kitchen. But nope, they were closed. Starving we wandered the streets trying to find a place that would not burn a hole in our wallets. Finally we found a fast food Chinese shack on the corner of a street (sketchy I know). It was cheap so we ordered our food to go (which was the only way it came) and headed to our hostel to eat. We sat in the common room and watched Brazil kick some German butt and prayed that our Chinese food would not make us sick to our stomachs. It was delicious. It is probably some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever had. There was a lot of food too so we saved the rest for breakfast. Exhausted we went right to bed after the game ended. I would we celebrated Independence Day quite well..

St. Stephen’s Cathedral


The Pestsaule (The Plague Column). A statue inspired by the Great Plague Epidimic in 1617.


Austrian Parliament Building.
Pallas Athena Fountain
Hofburg Palace.
Figaro Saal. A theater that Mozart and his sister performed at when they were young.

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