Day 16: Put Down the Map and Get Lost.

I didn’t think anything could beat Florence. I was wrong. Venice took my breath away the instant we stepped out of the train station. It was 5:30 in the morning and we were tired and annoyed by our last train ride. But that all flew away as we headed down the street towards the closest bridge. We literally started running until we were in the center of the bridge. There in front of us (and I am not exaggerating) was the most gorgeous sun rise I have ever seen in my whole 18 years of living. The pink and gold colored light was reflecting in the water and on the buildings. As we stood amazed at God’s beautiful handy work, a boat with a man singing passed under the bridge and swam towards the light. Becca and I looked at each other and decided that the train ride was well worth seeing this sun rise.

The little city was waking up as we roamed the streets.

The little city was waking up as we roamed the streets. We found a bakery with WIFI so we could find a home for the night. For breakfast we had Nutella filled croissants (I can’t even). We went back to the train station and waited for the ticket station to open. We both fell asleep sitting up in the plastic chairs my elbow on my knee and head on my fist, Becca with her head slug backwards (yes that is how exhausted we were). We woke up 40 minutes later, bought our tickets, and headed to our hostel. We were staying at Jolly Camping hostels (very nice!) which was basically a huge campground with a grocery store, laundry room, bar/restaurant, and swimming pool. We got our tent (don’t worry it had a floor and beds) and slept till noon.

We spent the rest of the day lost in Venice. We wandered the streets and went in and out of face mask and Murano glass shops. We went to S. Marcos Square and stopped to listen to an all girl choir perform in the streets (they were so good!). We. Finally. Tried. A. Crepe. It was amazing!

The hostel was coming to life so we headed to the bar to meet new people!

For dinner we got pasta and headed back to our hostel to eat. We finally got to wash our clothes and trust me they really needed it (my bag smelled like something died in it.. Which I am blaming on the seashells). The hostel was coming to life so we headed to the bar to meet new people! We met some girls from Germany, a group of Australian boys (I literally died, the accents!!!), and a boy from Canada. We talked and danced way past our bed time!


Get lost… You might like it.


St. Mark’s Campanile (bell tower).
St. Mark’s Basilica.
Doge’s Palace



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