Day 14: When in Rome…

We woke up, gathered our belongings, and left our beloved city by a train headed to Rome. We arrived in Rome 40 minutes late and scrambled to find tickets and a hostel. Instead of waiting in the never ending line, we bought our train tickets for the next night on a self service ticket machine (remember this for later). We found our hostile dropped off our bags and scurried off to spend the rest of the day seeing Rome!

Everywhere you go you can feel the history seeping out of the stone roads.

Rome was interesting. You head down a street and just think it’s a normal old street with shops and restaurants then you turn the corner and there are huge ruins. You turn the next corner and there are more shops and restaurants. Everywhere you go you can feel the history seeping out of the stone roads. We visited lots of ruins and cathedrals, and of course the Coliseum and Trevi Fountain.

Most historical places or museums around Europe have a European Nation’s Student discount. Because we are from America, this obviously does not apply to us. Well if you know me much at all, you would know my problem with following the system. So when my sister and I got to the ticket counter for the Coliseum, I straightened my back and lifted my head with confidence. Then in a terrible British accent, with a touch of southern twang and what may have been Australian, I announced that I wanted to purchase two European Nation’s student tickets. The lady looked at me unamused. But, after quite a bit of pursuing , and no help from Becca, we were rewarded with our discounted tickets. When in Rome right?…

Our first day in Rome was short for we had a late start. For dinner we grabbed some pizza (even better then in Florence) and watch the futbol game. We headed back to our hostile for some amazing sleep!

The church of Santa Maria Maggiore. The largest Catholic church in Rome. (Front)


The Colosseum.
Thanks to the couple who took our picture and told us stories about the mazes below.


The Arch of Constantine.
Roman Forum.


Victor Emmanuel Monument. A part of Capitol Hill, built for the first king of Italy.


The Trevi Fountain was under construction, but we made the most of it.

One thought on “Day 14: When in Rome…

  1. Absolutely love Rome, one of my favourite cities! I love the craziness of it, the beautiful architecture and the delicious food you can get down hidden walk ways. Thanks for sharing your take on this stunning city!


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