Day 11: Great Food, Great Liquor.

We have decided that we could never live in France for we would be obsessed.

We arrived in Cannes much later than expected. Christian, Laurence and Pascale’s brother and Justine’s uncle, picked us up and drove us to his home. There we settled in and had a delicious lunch! We started out with bread and charcuterie. The charcuterie was different then what we had in Normandy though, this kind was thinner and tasted more like Canadian bacon. Then we had couscous with chicken and sausage. After that we had more bread and cheese! We have decided that we could never live in France for we would be obsessed.

When we finished lunch, Christian drove us around Cannes and showed us the big hotels and casinos where all the famous people stay at. He then dropped us off so we could explore the streets on our own. Cannes (or at least the part we were in) reminds me very much of California. There is the sea and the pier, and there are even palm trees (my inner California girl is coming out)! The buildings and restaurants are just what you would imagine France to be like. The streets are made up of cobble or stone (is there a difference?). The buildings are all slim and tall touching each other on both sides, and the restaurants have seating outside along the road.

and talked like a couple of teenage girls on vacation.

We walked our way up to the town museum which was up on a hill overlooking Cannes. We sat on the ledge so we could see the town, then farther out the sea, and in the distance hills and hills covered with trees and buildings.

We walked back down to the beach where we sat and wrote in our journals, and talked like a couple of teenage girls on vacation. The water felt amazing so we swam for a bit, then dried of and headed back to our home for the night.

Showers! I have come to love showers even more then I had before (is that even possible?!). We showered then sat down for dinner. We had tomatoes and mozzarella. Bread, cheese, fried flour with chicken peas (don’t be fooled they were delicious!), and the ice cream for dessert! We had a great time talking and getting to know Christian.

We finally got to FaceTime our mom, step dad, and brother! Once we hung up with them, we passed out.

We drank some famous French Pastis.



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