Day 10: Royalty and Revolutions.

We added another day to our time in Paris because we were told that if you go to Paris you can’t leave without going to Versailles. We spent the whole day in Versailles walking through the Chateau de Versailles and the gardens all around it. So. Beautiful. I’m still amazed at the brilliance of these buildings.
After walking around we sat next to the water where I took a much needed nap and Becca read.

It would be a long, sleepless night.

Back in Paris we hung out with Justine and ate a lot of ice cream (insert heart eyes here). We then packed up and headed out for some dinner and to find our ride to Cannes! We would be car pooling with a French man and young English woman for 10 hours over night. It would be a long, sleepless night.


Looking over the Gardens.

The Hall of Mirrors.

The Grand Trianon (a mistress’s escape).

Petit Trianon (part of Marie-Antoinette’s Estate).


5 thoughts on “Day 10: Royalty and Revolutions.

  1. Lovely pictures. I have been there too and could spent a whole day just discovering the gardens. What a place, huh?
    I am going back to Paris in May and will go there again. Thanks for sharing.


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