Day 9: “In Paris, with Louvre”

…and made our mark on Paris.

Today seemed a lot more eventful then the day before. We rode the metro to the Catacombs de Paris where there was a 3 hour long line so we opted to move on. We then walked to the Mosquee de Paris (a small restaurant) where we had some delicious mint tea and sat and read for a bit. Next we visited a couple parks and gardens, found a store with a lock, and made our way to Notre-Dame. We walked around the islands (so cute) then found the Lock Bridge and made our mark on Paris (don’t worry guys we didn’t throw our key in the water. We care for the environment)! If you ever visit the Bridge look for our Subway brand lock with our names carved in with a safety clip we found on the ground. Becca did a fantastic job carving our names and hashtag (yes our adventure has a hashtag) into it!

We then found a pastry shop and bought eclair, pian aou chocolat (croissant with chocolate), a cookie, and mille feuilles (layered custard bar) went to a park and ate. After filling our tummies and resting our feet we headed to the Louvre. The Musee du Louvre is the longest building I have ever seen (not an exaggeration)! We saw the pyramid and walked through the gardens. That night we went to the Arc de Triomphe to see it lit up. We finished our pastries then headed back to Justine’s. On the way home we stopped at a bar and watched France play Ecuador (boring game, by the way). Finally we made it back to our bed.

Tea at the Mosquee de Paris.


Lock Bridge.

Notre Dame de Paris.


Notre Dame Cathedral.

Musee du Louvre.


Arc de Triomphe.



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