Day 7: The Day I Fell in Love…

We are still in Normandy, and we still love it. Today we headed out early for we had many places to visit. Our first stop Honfleur. Some of you may have seen this beautiful harbor town before in paintings. It’s famous for its square of shops and restaurants surrounding a harbor that is home to many sailboats.

Deauville was next. We went to the beach and walked around the town a bit. Each year in Deauville they have an American movie festival, and on the Planches (boardwalk) they have names of all different actors and actresses (sadly I only knew a few).

Everyone remembers the first time they fell in love, well this was mine.

This next place was my favorite so far on the trip. Everyone remembers the first time they fell in love, well this was mine. Etretat is a town on the shore of the English Channel. Here there are giant cliffs of white rock that you can hike up to and look out over the water. The beach is made up of rocks that shine in the sunlight when the tide rinses over them. The water is a breath taking blue green color. Because there is no sand or dirt the water is clear. When you let the water wash over your feet, you can see them disfigured but clearly. I wish I had more words to explain the beauty if this place but I could never paint the right picture in your head.

Exhausted from the day we headed back to Madame Pions where we rested and ate supper (we had melted cheese! My Lanta!!).

In the morning we head for Paris!

On the Planches. One of the few names I knew.
Just strolling on a beach in France.


Etretat, Normandy.



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