Day 3: We have an Eye for London.

We woke up on couches. Not an airplane seat, not a bus seat, a couch. It was a wonderful feeling! Along with the ice cold shower I took… But I’m not complaining! I was beginning to feel like a true European with the hairy armpits and unwashed hair.

More site seeing, more pictures, lots more walking!

The first thing on the list for today was to watch the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham palace. Although it wasn’t much, it was mind opening to see the old traditions of London still being performed today. We ate leftover from dinner for breakfast in St. James Park, where I made some friends with a couple of ducks only to find out they just like me for my bread (not much different than my other friends :b). More site seeing, more pictures, lots more walking! We made our way to Leicester (pronounced Lester) Square and then to Thames River. We rode the London Eye, saw Big Ben up close, then headed back to the Victorian Coach Station to catch our night bus to Paris.

We are sad to be leaving London! We loved meeting and talking to the locals and other tourist. Other than when they are driving, they are all very kind! We enjoyed being there so much, but I mean come on.. It’s France!

It’s been real London! I hope to see you again in the future.

Changing of the Guards.


Palace of Westminster (Parliament).
Westminster Abbey and my lovely traveling partner.
Palace of Westminster.
London Eye.



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