Day 2: Homeless in London

I was going to post last night but by the time I got wifi I was so tired I kept typing random letters that made no sense. So here it is a day late:

Cold, a bit frazzled, and with full bladders we waited for the city to wake up.

Yesterday morning we arrived in London at 4:30 in the morning. Nothing was opened, and I mean nothing. Cold, a bit frazzled, and with full bladders we waited for the city to wake up. Finally we found our way to Victoria Station where they had bathrooms, warmth, and most importantly wifi! We spent a couple hours in the station figuring out our plans for the day, where we would go that night, and made a few changes to our future plans. For those of you who I told, we decided not to go to Ireland (My heart is broken) but we did make a deal that when we are graduated we will go backpacking through Ireland.

Finally we started our journey through London. We went to West Minster Cathedral which was absolutely beautiful! We then made our way to Buckingham Palace! (I think Little Rock should get some red roads :)) We walked around a bit and took way to many photos! Oh and I almost forgot, we made a Royal Guard suppress a smile! Surprisingly it wasn’t by our witty humor (HA!), it was more because of our nicely hidden natural, blonde heads (if ya smell what I’m stepping in).

Next was Trafalgar Square where we met a nicely, dressed gentleman with a top hat and umbrella cane, who told us about all of Abraham Lincoln’s noses that were hidden about the Square (ummmm…?). We watched some street performers, went inside the Natural Portrait Art Museum, and may have been caught by a news camera reading books at the feet of a famous statue (classic tourist move, I know). Lucky us got invited to go on a free tour where we learned much of the history of London, went into the West Minster Abby, and almost got ran over a billion times for following our tour guide across the street (don’t worry we forgave him because he was a neat fellow)!

Frantically, we took to the streets desperate to find a place to sleep.

Our day was going wonderfully until 8:30 rolled around and we realized we had not gone to check out any of the hostiles we’d looked up. Frantically, we took to the streets desperate to find a place to sleep. Full. Everything was full. The hostiles were booked, the hotels were booked, the bed and breakfast were booked, everything was booked. Our prayers coming out faster than our breathing, we rang the bell at one last hostile. Booked. Tired, lost, and worrisome we turned to leave when the hostile owner welcomed us inside. He sat at his computer looking for hostiles with rooms left. With no luck my sister and I brainstormed some other options. My first idea was to find some random park and sleep on a bench (that was shot down quickly), my second idea was to walk (about an hour) all the way back to Victoria Station and sleep on the floor in there. As we discussed this, the owner of the hostile stopped us and invited us to sleep on the couches in their sitting area. I almost burst into tears by this stranger’s hospitality as well as our overdue answer to prayer. Since it was my birthday and we hadn’t eaten for 10 hours we ran to a local grocery store to buy some dinner. Bread, cheese, and pepperoni: Best birthday dinner ever (who needs moms cooking)! When we returned to the hostile two teenage boys were sitting on the steps, we sat down to eat and started making conversation with them. First we figured out they were American and then that they both attended The University of Arkansas (small world). The four hours we spent talking to them made up for the 3 hours searching the city for a place to stay that night. As our new friends kept reminding us, we did make some great memories of being homeless in London.

West Minster Cathedral


Queen Victoria Memorial.
Buckingham Palace.
Admirality Arch.


Big Ben.


St. James Palace.
London’s version of Times Square.
Our home for the night.


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